We grant a second breath

We habitually pay attention to out heart and skin, breast health has also been in the spotlight in recent years, but we tend to forget our lungs are no less important. Breathing is a symbol of life and every part of your body needs oxygen to survive, which is why "Our lungs" came to exist.
"As a donor, we have supported various charity projects in the past," says Elena Jakubovič, the founder of the real estate agency. "This time we would like to give it not only a different legal form, but also a whole new dimension - to help Czech experts and hospitals in the long term."

The founders of the "Our Lungs" endowment fund are the team of the Y&T Luxury Property real estate agency. Women who do business in everyday life and have now decided to support the Czech healthcare system, too.

"Our lungs", established during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, will focus on supporting the treatment of respiratory diseases in adults and children.


Meet our team

Mgr. Elena Jakubovič 


Y&T Luxury Property


Ing. Barbora Matusová 

JUDr. Lucia Poliaková 

Mgr. Katarina Biznárová


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