Honzíček got the Cough Assist!

Today, on the first day of December, we gave Honzíček Cough Assist! Today, Honzíček tested positive for COVID-19, so we didn't hesitate, didn't wait for anything and ran to give it to Honzíček! ♥️

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank all the donors who made it possible for us to give Honzíček a better life.


Let's give Honzíček a better life!

Honzíček suffers from cerebral palsy since birth. His muscles are weak and in his case his lungs are also affected. Breathing and especially coughing is very uncomfortable and painful for him.

"In addition to other problems, Honzíček also has problems with his respiratory system, which is currently weighing on us the most, because if you don't take a breath, you can't do anything," says Kateřina Šindelářová, one of the nurses who take care of Honzíček every day in the social services home.

"Help Honzík to cough better!" - doctor MUDr. Adam Cipra 

What would help him? Just a coughing assistant, which his health insurance won't pay for. Let's donate the Cough Assistant EO-70 to help him cough easier.

Honzíček, 6 years old, Děčín
Honzíček, 6 years old, Děčín

Why 168 308 CZK?

The cough assistant is far from the only thing Honzicek needs.

A special device, the Cough assistant EO-70, can be bought for 127,415 CZK.

A mobile stand for the device will cost another 18,513 CZK.

All other accessories, masks, filters and tubes are additional equipment needed for the cough assistant, for two years ahead the equipment for two boys is another 14 400 CZK.

Last but not least, Honzik and Martinek need anti-substance mattresses tailored to their beds, we will buy this for the boys for 7 980 CZK.

"....and some aids that would do us good and do a great deal of work, that cost tens of thousands or lower hundreds of thousands, we ... can rely on foundation donations only..." - doctor MUDr. Adam Cipra

Cough Assistant EO-70
Cough Assistant EO-70

Read more about Honzíček's doctor MUDr. Adam Cipra! 


Get to know Honzíček

Honzíček was born in 2016 with severe cerebral palsy, a disease affecting the motor centres of the brain. Because of this, Honzíček is essentially immobile and lives his life in a wheelchair. He is fully dependent on the help of others in the home where he is now.

"...a condition that leads to prolonged congestion, frequent sickness, chronic colonization by certain germs and, as a consequence, shortens their lives."- doctor MUDr. Adam Cipra 

In Honzíček's case, cerebral palsy has also affected his lungs and his ability to cough normally. In order to keep Honzíček from coughing, he needs a coughing assistant.

Honzíček has not been living at home with his mother, father and siblings since he was born, unfortunately his health condition does not allow him to do so. But surely neither he nor his family wish anything else. Now Honzíček is in a home in Háj u Duchcov, where he is cared for by kind nurses.

Thank you Y&T Luxury Property, which pays all our operating costs! They have also pledged a contribution of 100 000 CZK! Let's support our joint efforts and contribute!

What is this cough assistant?

A cough assistant is a non-invasive medical device that helps patients to cough. It stimulates coughing by rapid changes in pressure. Patients usually use the device on a daily basis also because by ridding the lungs of mucus, the lungs are also cleansed of bacteria and viruses. The cough assistant thus becomes an indispensable and very important part of life. Unfortunately, due to his neurological diagnosis, his health insurance will not cover it.

"Every crown that donors contribute will help us so much, and it will make life so much easier for Jeníček," says Honzíček's mother.

How does the device work?

But unfortunately Honzíček is not the only one who suffers from cerebral palsy...

The device we will buy will be used by other children with a similar diagnosis in the home, such as Honzíček's roommate Martínek. Martínek has also been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, he doesn't "bubble" as much as Honzíček, but the cough machine will improve his life. It will help Martinek to breathe better too!

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Completed projects

In April 2021, together with Jiří Bartoška, we presented the pulmonary department of the General University Hospital on Charles Square with a pulmonary ultrasound in the total amount of CZK 217,800.

Theatre and film actor and president of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Jiří Bartoška, admitted during the presentation that the ultrasound looked more like a video game for teenagers, and commented on the situation around charity in the Czech Republic.

"Charity is a great thing. Sometimes I feel that the state relies too much on charity to resolve the situation in its stead. Charity provides fast help, and most importantly it aids people who often wouldn't get help and understanding otherwise," said Jiří Bartoška.  

MUDr. Jiří Votruba Ph.D. explains to Jiří Bartoška the positives of ultrasound.


By donating.