Support of the pulmonary department of the GUH

The Our Lungs endowment fund, founded by Y&T Luxury Property - a real estate agency made up entirely of women, supports the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases, including lung cancer, and the consequences of COVID-19.

We have decided to help the pulmonary department of the General University Hospital (GUH) at Charles Square and support healthy lungs, so that we could all enjoy life to the fullest!

Let's be proactive and prevent lung disease thanks to early diagnosis! Lung ultrasound can save the lives of many patients. What's more, using the HEALCERION SONON 300L wireless ultrasound probe minimizes the risk of infection transmission.

Pulmonary department of the GUH at Charles Square 

We believe that everyone can take a nice deep breath...

Our mission is to raise awareness about lung cancer, the spread of bronchogenic carcinoma and the consequences associated with the COVID-19 disease. We believe in early diagnosis.


General University Hospital at Charles Square in Prague received a very welcome and useful gift - an ultrasound device that worth almost 220 thousand crowns. An ultrasound device was handed over by actor Jiří Bartoška to the head of the pulmonary department Jiří Vortrub. Ultrasound will help patients with COVID-19 to identify the disease at early stage.

Why did the pulmonary department of the GUH at Charles Square bet on HEALCERION SONON 300L ?

  • Easy manipulation
  • Accurate diagnostics
  • Easy sterilization
  • Minimization of the risk of infection transmission thanks to limited contact with the patient
  • Inspection of patients directly in bed

How it works: 

The principle of the device is based on the fact that when ultrasonic waves propagate through the environment, they are reflected. The device is wireless, which is a real game changer. The key to success is its easy and fast use.

Let's support Czech medicine together!

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