Just breathe

Calm, even and deep breathing is very important for health, as it harmonizes and calms the body and mind. On the contrary, too fast and shallow breathing has a negative effect, as it can increase nervousness, stress, tension and pain.

Breathing techniques help a woman relax, supply the baby with more oxygen through the placenta and change the perception of pain.

Breathing must be regular to ensure optimal results in sports. Exhalation must be, on average, two to three times longer than inhalation. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Do not try to inhale more than once in a row and let the body adapt to physical activity. During regeneration, try to start breathing deeply and...

Breathing is one of the basic functions of our body. With the help of proper breathing during sleep, we can improve everyday life.

It consists in supplying air to the affected person, who does not breathe spontaneously. It is usually performed as part of resuscitation care.


Breathe with us!