Breathing during sleep


Breathing is one of the basic functions of our body. With the help of proper breathing during sleep, we can improve everyday life. 

It is best to sleep on your back. But not all of us can sleep all night in this position. The worst is the popular position on the abdomen, as much of the abdominal and chest wall is compressed. We exhale into the pillow, which unfortunately increases the resistance for any breathing. Basically, breathing is directly proportional to the position in which we are. You may wake up in the morning after ten hours of sleep, but you will feel as if you have been beaten. The environment in which we occur is also important. Of course, a well-ventilated place is best for us. 

Eastern cultures believe that proper breathing is one of the ways to prolong and improve life. Occasionally, you may also encounter breath holding techniques in Taoist books. If we work purposefully on our breathing, we will soon find that our efforts are bearing fruit.